Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Quick Start: Arrays in VOPs

Usually it's easier to use wrangles for arrays, but sometimes it's nice to be able to do them in VOPs as well. In this video I'm showing how to use an array to create a simple lag.

Thanks Olivier Jeannel for the suggestion!



  1. Hey there !
    A question for you :)
    In this example you are building the array using the Solver Sop so that for each frame a PointPosition is automaticly added into the "move" array.
    In VOP, how would you do it whithout the Solver ?
    For example, I want to have an array of 4 points for each primitive (of a cube).
    I guess you need a For Each Loop to collect the 4 points datas per primitive, but I can't figure it out in VOP.
    Any idea ? Thank you !

    1. I made a blog post for you :) Let me know if it doesn't make sense

  2. Looking at it atm with tears in my eyes !

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