Sunday, 6 May 2018

Crowds for Feature Film in Houdini 2

I'm finally finished with the follow up to my crowd course! This time it’s all about ragdolls. It has the same format at the first one, fast paced and short chapters.

In this course you will, among other things, learn how to prepare your agents for ragdoll simulations by setting up collision layers and constraints, how to add dynamics to your crowd without using any shelf tools, how to access the agent rig, how to work with agent attribute arrays, different methods to trigger your agents into ragdolls, how to use motors and how to set up partial ragdolls.

 Learn more here: Crowds for Feature Film 2


  1. Hey Mikael! Sorry to bother. I've been wanting to follow along with your tutorials using a mixamo rig (just been going through Crowds 1 tut). I'm perhaps very beginner and have had trouble understanding some trouble shooting that other people have done. Do you have any recommendations on setup preparations based on mixamo.. Tried following along with the foot jumping. using a mixamo rig. Exporting several fbx animations and 1 of the animations just exported 1 frame to be the rest position. That said. when we got to dops, I cannot seem to fix the exploding mesh issue. regardless of calling out the initial state in a wrangle. Well if you see this great, if you have no time it's okay! Just wanted to figure all this out with a mixamo workflow for some projects someday :). Have a great one!

  2. Hi Malcolm, Sorry I just saw this post. I don't have any experience with the mixamo rig, but it shouldn't matter. Try to pipe your agents into a crowd source without going into dops and see if everything looks ok in there. If that looks ok, make sure that the name in the state node matches the state name that you are setting in the wrangle. Maybe you are using a capitals in one of them, but not in the other?